Have you ever been longing for a dancefloor where everyone is actually dancing as if noone is watching?  A dancefloor with a high and clear vibe -no alcohol, no smalltalk, no smartphones, no shoes. No guidelines or instructions. Only the music and a crowd of people moving their bodies for the pure enjoyment of it, for the therapy, the medicine, the pleasure. 

Whatever mood you might be in when you arrive, let it move. There is no agenda and nothing you can do wrong in your way of dancing. It is a potential self-healing place, a potential meditation in motion - or you might simply just like to dance in a room with other dancers.

Many Ecstatic Dance DJ:s aim to create a "journey" where the music takes you through different paces and atmospheres, each having their own flavor. The music of an Ecstatic Dance journey is according to the individual dj; it can be poppish, acoustic, electronic, spiritual, global, minimalistic, orchestral. 

In Ecstatic Dance with DJ Grundstoff you will always start out slow and sensitive, building intensity and landing back into slow at the end. In between, you will experience a variety of emotional and energetic landscapes; playful, light, blissful, aggressive, breathtaking, disturbing, sexual, melancholic, soft, fast, heavy.

It will all be weaved seamlessly together in a flow that feels smooth and inviting.

The intention is to create a wave for you to experience yourself and your moving body in different ways, an uplifting journey with room for many aspects of being human.

Expect tunes and voices from south america, balkan, spain, scandinavia & india. Expect flavors of swing discoteque, movie soundtrack, cirkus and psytrance. Expect some singing bowls, some glitch and some playfight, and through all of this, a strong red thread of electronic downtempo. Sometimes the DJ set will be accompanied with live instruments.

Ecstatic Dance events
winter 2023 - 2024

17. November - CC's Hideaway, Karon, Phuket

26. December - CC's Hideaway, Karon, Phuket

2. January - CC's Hideaway, Karon, Phuket

Ticket link coming soon...

"Ecstatic Dance is a free form movement journey, held in a safe and sacred container  and facilitated by a professional DJ. It’s a place where we
can be our unique selves, and also connected to a common source."


Ceremonial Cacao

at DJ Grundstoffs Copenhagen events, Cacao is offered by Charmed Chocolates as a supplement to the dance. 

Ceremonial Cacao can enhance your dance, energize the body and connect you more deeply with yourself and others. It's soft yet deep, supporting you to tap into your full potential on the dancefloor. This gentle medicine works with your natural energy, guiding you to greater ecstasy while keeping you grounded.

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